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The smart web will make your online journey easier and improve your browsing skills.

smart web bd provides a full suite of website management solutions, specializing in website management for Popular Websites, Educational Websites, Job Websites, Government Websites, Online Shop Websites, News Websites, and many more. Every website is approached with a clear sense of purpose, and all website strategies are built around a clearly-defined goal and measurable results for optimum performance and userfirendly interface. smart web bd is built on the philosophy that the best way to succeed is to browsing favurite website with a unique way. that provide excellent user setisfactions. Your happyness is our success.

This is a website where thousands of sites you need daily are sorted by different categories. Clicking on the button on the site you want to go to will take you to the desired site without any search.

smart web main function is that you will not have to search for daily necessities, especially on the computer by repeatedly searching the search bar. For example, Google. When you have to go to Google, you have to type Google in the search bar and then search. In the same way, when you want to go to Facebook or YouTube, you have to search by typing in YouTube or Facebook search bar and then go there or login. There are so many types it's hard to say. There are also useful websites that take hours to find, which is a waste of time and annoying for many. Again many people bookmark useful sites to overcome this problem. But in fact, many sites are bookmarked in this way, so many times the browser is late to load again and again, crashing. It takes a long time to find the desired site among the numerous bookmarks. But if you use this one site as your bookmark, then just bookmarking this one site will solve your problem.

Suppose you go to a site, just click on the button on that site, but it will take you to the site you need. This is a completely ad free site that will allow you to work smoothly. Here you will find thousands of useful sites. Just click on the site button and immediately you will go to the site you need. As a result, there will be no need to search the same site on Google again and again. You can visit any site quickly and in less time.

Once you understand which websites are in which section, the second time it will be as easy as water for you to use. Every week new essential links are updated here, so you don't have to waste time searching elsewhere to get links to updated sites. In a word, the solution of all the necessary problems in one place. It's completely free and no ads have been added. There is no reason to think that this site can earn thousands of rupees. Not so. This is a small effort to make it easier for the general public to use the Internet and all the necessary websites. Hopefully those who are interested in learning more about the Internet and the online world will always be there.

Meet Your Website Consultant

We are deeply grateful to Almighty Allah for bringing this small effort of ours to you through long-term research and hard work.
We sincerely wish your love and cooperation.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Founder and CEO

Everyday little things make us great. Which makes our way of life easier.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Najnin Islam


If you work for others, it will surely come back to reward you one day.